January 25, 2021

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2016-06-13 Bifurcation

Summary Dissolution: The Closest Thing to a California “Quicky” Divorce

Those seeking a “quicky” divorce in California will find themselves sorely disappointed. There is no such thing. The soonest parties can end their marriage in California is six months plus one day from the day one of them effectively serves...
2015-12-01 mutual domestic violence restraining orders

Mediation in Child Custody and Visitation Disputes

Each county differs on their procedures, but typically you will get from the family court an appointment to meet with a mediator at the family court. You will oftentimes be asked, or even required, to attend an orientation class before...
31278169 - a little boy hugs his father

Why Can’t I Just Take the Kids and Leave? ‘Move Aways’ and California’s Child Custody Laws

California has one of the biggest alien populations in the country. Some of those aliens are from other countries. Many are from other states across the U.S. That is why so-called “move away” cases are very common in California family...
2015-08-20 UCCJEA Part IV

What Do I Do When the Other Parent is Already Out of the Picture?

Single parents in Yolo, Sacramento and Placer County Family Courts face a difficult choice when raising a child, where the other parent is out of the picture. You may need child support. You may need to obtain federal government forms...
2013-03-06 dividing house

Reimbursements for Contributions to Community Property Under California Family Law

When individuals are happily married, few of them act under the question of “What would happen to this property if we got divorced?” Thus they happily contribute their separate property funds (inheritance, earnings saved before marriage, etc.) to the acquisition of property...
2013-03-07 default

What is a ‘Default Divorce,’ and How Do I Get One in California?

Whenever you sue someone in a California Civil Court, the party you sue must respond to your demands within a certain amount of time, or risk the court’s power to simply abide by those demands without that person. It doesn’t...
2013-03-11 Ex parte

Obtaining Emergency Relief in California Family Courts, Part One

The typical delay in getting your first hearing for a family law matter is between four and six weeks. For most matters, whether or not you get to court in one week or four weeks is not going to make...
2013-03-11 Ex parte

Obtaining Emergency Relief in California Family Courts, Part Two: Order Shortening Time

In Part One, we discussed the process and grounds required for obtaining “Ex Parte” relief.Depending on the circumstances of your case, ex parte relief may be very difficult to obtain. What may seem like an emergency to you may not seem...
2013-03-19 domestic violence

California Domestic Violence Restraining Orders Require Relinquishment of Firearms

There are myriad reasons we are fortunate to live in the great state of California. Lake Tahoe, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the UC system are just some of these reasons. Another reason is that California has the strongest protections afforded to...
2013-03-11 Ex parte

What is a Proof of Service in California Family Court?

Proof of service takes on several different forms in family court. Its importance begins with the word “service.” In this country, you cannot take someone to court without providing them notice of two important things: 1, that a court action...
2013-03-28 Proof of Service

Self-Help Resources

A Note About Representing Yourself Anywhere from 60% to 80% of California family law cases involve self-represented litigants. The numbers vary from county to county. This is a troubling statistic, but one that many would argue is unavoidable in our...
2013-04-16 fathers rights

Fathers’ Rights at the U.S. Supreme Court and in California

The case going before the United States Supreme Court today in oral arguments should demonstrate to parents, especially fathers, that it is crucial to take responsibility for one’s offspring from the moment of conception. The central argument before the Supreme...

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