January 19, 2021

How to Obtain Term Papers

Should you will need a great deal of term papers then you might find that it may be quite difficult to find a fantastic source that sells . You may … How to Obtain Term Papers Read More

2013-04-25 dodgers and disclosures

The Dodgers and the Importance of Proper Disclosures in Family Court

Under California Family Law, parties in the middle of a divorce or legal separation must serve each other with their disclosures. This includes “a full and accurate disclosure of all assets and liabilities in which one or both parties have or may have an...
2013-06-05 Contempt

4 Steps to Holding Someone in Contempt in Family Court

Court orders are slightly more powerful than the paper they are printed on. While no one can technically force someone to comply with a family court order, the lack of compliance carries with it significant penalties if you bring forth...
2014-09-10 New Spouse Income

Can the Court Include New Spouse Income For Paying Child Support?

Family law litigants often ask their attorneys whether it is possible to include “new spouse” income when calculating child support. In other words, Dad wants Mom to include the income of her new spouse (step-father) when calculating the child support....
2014-11-18 Estate Planning

Protecting Your Estate Plan During Divorce

Did you know that, if you die during your divorce, it is likely your spouse will inherit everything? Makes for a good murder mystery, doesn’t it? When you create your will and/or trust during marriage, you often are only planning...
2014-03-12 Guardianship

3 Reasons Why You Should Appoint A Legal Guardian or Guardianship

Appointing a legal guardian for your children can ensure that they’re well cared for when you can’t be there for them. Legal guardianship is a court order that allows someone who isn’t the child’s parent to be responsible for the...
2013-09-20 Modifying Spousal Support

Can He Modify My Spousal Support? 4 Ways to Find Out

When you get a final spousal support judgment, you think there is no possible way it is going to be later modified. So why is your former spouse trying to modify it? This can be particularly distressing following long, high-conflict...
2013-08-16 parental rights

Lost Boys: Parental Rights, and California Child Custody Law

Here’s the scenario: Mom and Dad long to have a child. “Traditional methods” don’t work. The unmarried couple decides instead to utilize in vitro fertilization, using a licensed California clinic. The procedure works and mom gives birth to a son. Fast forward three...

Pakpour Banks LLP Client Intake Form

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Essay Helper Software

Essay Helper Software

An article helper is a software application that analyzes and contrasts the written word for a pupil. The software can turn paragraph fragments into organized chunks of material, and it could even arrange them into a meaningful design. This software...
How to Become a Essay Writer? </p>

How to Become a Essay Writer?

Essay writer will write your essays hiring only highly qualified English essay writers. Applying for the position of a expert essay author is extremely hard and time consuming. The candidate must pass two essay tests, a grammar test and write...
How To Purchase Photo Editor Software

How To Purchase Photo Editor Software

For the last many decades, buying photoediting software has been a very common matter. With the quantity of new technology which comes out every day, lots of folks have lost faith in the old ways of accomplishing things. The simple...
Top Notch Term Paper Writer

Top Notch Term Paper Writer

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