This is what happens when two of Yolo County’s best law firms joint forces for the greater good.

Mr. Pakpour and Mr. Banks, along with their staffs, merged in 2019 to provide their clients with a singular, unified experience that addresses their needs, costs only what it must, and assists everyone with moving on.

Attorney Brian Pakpour launched Pakpour Family Law in 2013 with a singular focus: heal families, don’t destroy them.

While Mr. Pakpour has always been willing to vigorously defend your interests and those of your family, he represents the idea that reasonable solutions exist at all times and in all cases if individuals can listen to each other, and adapt.

Attorney Keith Banks founded his firm to help clients accomplish their legal goals while effectively managing their budgets. He believes that the lawyer should not be the party that financially benefits most from your legal issues.

The Law Offices of Keith Banks provided customized, cost-effective legal representation in the areas of family law, landlord-tenant law, estate planning and conservatorships.

We are always prepared to fight vigorously for your interests, but we seek whenever and where ever possible to avoid lengthy and costly litigation. An attorney is always available to discuss your case, respond to your needs, and collaborate with you and other professionals to achieve the goals you have set for your life and that of your family.