Bankruptcy is a legal way to escape from, or restructure debt that you cannot pay. A qualified bankruptcy attorney can help you do this, as well as assist you in laying th0e foundation of a successful future.

Sometimes the solution is to seek relief under Bankruptcy law, but we strive to develop plans with creditors that might help you avoid the need to even file for bankruptcy.

If you do ultimately file for bankruptcy, having a skilled negotiator will help you when it comes to working out a successful resolution with the trustee, who works on behalf of the creditors.

If for any reason a fair resolution cannot be obtained, we are prepared to appear before the bankruptcy judge and argue on your behalf for the relief you seek.

Our goal in every bankruptcy case is to achieve the best result possible, using a combination of skills and resources, so that we can accomplish what is best for you.

The first step is to meet with us, so that we can carefully evaluate the facts of your case.  Call us today.