Legal Assistant

Cecilia, or “Cece,” was born in Davis, but raised in Woodland.

She started her education at Woodland Community College pursuing a major in Political Science. While in college, she was part of the school’s student outreach program providing support or advice to students who are experiencing difficulties, concerns or challenges and connecting them to resources by developing a plan of action to meet their goals.

Cece was very involved with school activities and events at Woodland Community College. After 4 years, she began attending MTI College in Sacramento, Cece pursued a career in the legal field. She graduated from MTI College in August of 2021 and acquired a Paralegal Certificate.

Cece decided to pursue a career in the legal profession because she’s passionate about justice and fairness, and she enjoys helping people who are in need. Cece always had a passion for law and the justice system and making a positive impact in her community.

She is the first person in her family to attend college and she is grateful to her family for helping her reach her goals. Cece is the daughter of immigrants, and they regularly travel to Mexico to visit family. Cece is bilingual and can speak, read, and write in Spanish fluently. She enjoys nature and taking hikes whenever she can.

Cece loves swimming and has swam competitively from an early age. She was part of the Woodland Swim Team for 3 years and her high school swim team for 2 years. Cece’s favorite place to go is anywhere tropical in the world. Cece’s goals are to travel the world with her close friends and family, and experience what life is about.