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If you have a child but are no longer with the child’s other parent, you will likely have to deal with child support at some point. If you have separated from the other parent of your child, you might need to litigate or negotiate child support obligations multiple times over the first 18 years of your child’s life (or sometimes longer). Child support matters can get complex, emotional, and expensive, but our experienced Davis child support lawyers are here to take the stress off of you. 

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The State of Child Support

Davis, California, can be a wonderful place to raise a child. Davis was recently named the 89th safest city in California. That says a lot for a state as big as California. But beyond your child’s safety, you likely have concerns about financially supporting your child. And since two households are more expensive than one, supporting your child can be more challenging when your child grows up in two households. 

The U.S. Census Bureau has reported that in the past, only 44% of parents with custody have received the full amount of child support they were owed. This is a dismal number, but a good Davis child support attorney can make sure you are not part of a statistic like this. Our lawyers at Pakpour Banks LLP have the tools to help you obtain and enforce the best child support terms.

Rights to Child Support

Whenever parents of a minor child divorce or cease living with each other, at least one parent must pay the other child support. The purpose of child support is to pay for the child’s living expenses, which could include:

  • Healthcare costs,
  • Housing,
  • Education costs,
  • Clothing,
  • Expenses for extracurricular activities, and 
  • Food. 

You can determine child support obligations through litigation or by negotiating with the other parent. But however you establish child support obligations, you need to go to court to turn those responsibilities into an enforceable court order. 

Determining the Amount of Support Owed

Your budget becomes a big focus when breaking up with the parent of your child. How much money can you expect to send or receive each month in support payments? The State of California has guidelines for calculating support. These guidelines take the following factors into consideration:

  • Each parent’s income,
  • How much time each parent spends with the child,
  • How each parent files their taxes, and
  • Other relevant factors. 

Reviewing these factors can be a very detailed process because it can require a review of your investments, wages, retirement benefits, public assistance benefits, any additional source of income, and expenses. Fortunately, our experienced family law attorneys in Davis can lead you through this process and make sure that no favorable element is missed in your case.

The Duration of Support

In general, child support obligations last until your child turns 18. However, support payments can extend beyond your child’s 18th birthday if: 

  • Your child has not completed 12th grade or reached the age of 19,
  • Your child has a disability that prevents them from being self-supporting, or
  • You and the other parent agree to support your child beyond the age of 18 or 19.

Depending on your agreements and when you and the child’s other parent split, your child support rights or obligations could last for a significant period. However, child support terms can change over time if incomes increase or decrease or if additional expenses come up. If the time comes when you need the child support modified, we can help with that also.

Changing a Support Order

A modification to a child support agreement or order may be necessary if you or the other parent experience the following:

  • Develop a disability,
  • Have more children,
  • Get a new job,
  • Get sent to jail or prison,
  • Get laid off or fired,
  • Receive an increase in income, or
  • Get deployed for military service.

You can seek a modification through the court or the Local Child Support Agency that is handling your case. You can also negotiate new support terms with the other parent and request that the court confirm those new terms by issuing an enforceable order. 

How Can Our Davis Child Support Lawyer Help?

When handling child support or any family law matter, having the help of a good child support lawyer in Davis can be key to a good outcome. A strong advocate can help you with:

  • Gathering the appropriate information to state your case, 
  • Preventing the other parent from taking advantage of you in a negotiation, 
  • Enforcing previous orders,
  • Changing a previous order, and
  • Managing the emotional strain of a family law case.

The child support attorneys of Pakpour Banks LLP are here for you.

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When Can I Change a Child Support Order?

You can change a support order at any time. However, courts don’t normally modify child support orders unless the change in circumstances would mean a 20% or $50 change in the support amount (whichever is less).

Will the Court Automatically Approve My Support Agreement with the Other Parent? 

Not necessarily. Family courts do not approve child support agreements unless they know how much the child support in your case would be if you had gone to court for the determination. 

How Do I Estimate Child Support Obligations Before I Go to Court?

You can use the California Child Support Services child support calculator to estimate what obligation you or the other parent might have under your specific circumstances. This calculator asks for a lot of financial information, and having an attorney help you navigate the tool can bring you the best results.