Pakpour Banks LLP provides legal services to individuals involved in Parentage or Paternity Actions.

When you have a child with someone during your marriage, the law presumes that child is yours. Thus, there is no need to establish parentage, unless someone challenges it. However, when you were not married to the other parent when the child was born, you must first establish you are the child’s parent before the court will issue custody or support orders in your interest.

Parentage, or what used to be called “paternity,” is typically not an end in itself. Instead, it is typically a means to another end. Those ends might be obtaining legal and/or physical custody of your child, parenting time (visitation), or child support. You also may dispute parentage to reverse a child support order.

After judgment: Once the judgment has been entered, it is the order of the court. If you are not satisfied with that order, you can seek to modify it.