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When you’re facing legal challenges in family court, you’re probably asking three big questions: What happens to my children? What happens to my marriage? What happens to my property and finances? Legal decisions made about your family can have life-changing impacts. We know you want those decisions to be right. The skilled California family law attorneys at Pakpour Banks LLP can help you make the right decisions. We have experience, we are compassionate, and we offer a wide array of family legal services. 


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We Can Help Protect Your Children and Your Parenting Rights

Child custody decisions made against you can be emotionally devastating. The California family law attorneys at Pakpour Banks LLP work hard to eliminate and minimize devastating outcomes in custody and parenting disputes. Whatever the relationship you have with the other parent of your child, we know you want your child to be ok. We want your child to be ok too. 


If not already handled, the first thing any parent who wants to be involved with their child needs to do is legally establish that they are the parent. Establishing parentage is often necessary if you weren’t married to your child’s other parent before they were born. If you want to be involved with your child, we can help you make sure the law recognizes you as a parent. If you believe the court made a mistake by naming you as the parent of someone’s child, we can also help you dispute parentage. 


If you don’t live with your child’s other parent, the family court needs to decide who has physical and legal custody of your child. The court makes its custody decisions based on what is in the best interests of your child. The court often enforces reasonable custody agreements that parents develop together. But if you don’t have a good relationship with the other parent, you might have to fight hard against them to prove that your desires for legal or physical custody are in your child’s best interest. Stakes and emotions can run high in these situations. It’s best to have a skilled lawyer as your advocate in court.

We Can Help You Take a Proactive Approach to Property Division in a Divorce

Typically, the best solution to a problem is prevention. Prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements can help you prevent protracted and contentious fights in divorce court by allowing you and your spouse to agree about how to split assets while you’re still on good terms. These kinds of agreements must be fair, voluntary, and give each party the opportunity to seek legal counsel. If you want a solid agreement that helps you avoid conflict, it’s best to have a good attorney draft the agreement. If your pre/postnuptial agreement doesn’t pass legal muster, you’ll likely need to work out your differences in family court. 

We Can Stand Up for Your Rights to Property, Safety, and Peace of Mind in a Divorce 

Navigating a divorce can be harrowing when you’re in the midst of proceedings and debilitating in the aftermath. We don’t want either of those experiences for you. If you can’t agree, the divorce court decides who gets child custody, who pays child support, how to divide assets and debts, what right each spouse has to spousal support, and whether protection orders are necessary. These are all potential hot-button issues that often set off bitter and explosive struggles in court. Successfully arguing your position on these issues is also a matter of knowing the important details to analyze and highlight for the court’s understanding. 

Pakpour Banks LLP has been successfully arguing clients’s cases in front of the family court for years. If you don’t think you can handle a battle in court, we can help you with alternatives to divorce litigation. These alternatives include:

  • Divorce agreement negotiation,
  • Mediation, and
  • Collaborative divorce.

Even if you aren’t able to come to a full resolution using these alternatives, the processes are still useful. These alternatives can help you fine-tune your issues, needs, and potential solutions before heading before a judge for a final decision. With fine-tuning, you can spend less time in court. Less time in court often means fewer costs, less stress, and more overall satisfaction. 

Unfortunately, not every divorcing couple can resolve their issues outside the courtroom. If it’s time for you to fight for your rights before a family law judge, we have the experience and skill to handle that fight on your behalf. We represent both clients ending same-sex unions and those ending opposite-sex unions. 

Family Law Issues Are Often Ongoing—We Can Be with You for the Long Haul

If you feel like the ongoing terms in your divorce decree or family court order have put you in an untenable bind because of recent life changes, remember that you can ask the court to change its orders when there is a significant change in circumstances. Also, you might be able to change orders if you and your ex agree on all terms of the change. Whether you need to negotiate a new agreement with your ex or convince the court to change your orders, we can help ensure that the terms of a new order or agreement are as fair as possible to you.

Our California Family Law Lawyers Are Here to Win the Family Law Solutions You Need

Families come in many shapes and sizes, and so do the solutions to their legal problems. At Pakpour Banks LLP, we strive to fulfill all your family law needs with minimal conflict and cost. We also have multiple resources, techniques, and approaches for tailoring legal solutions to your unique needs. We are vigorous advocates and compassionate counselors who want to help you move forward in the healthiest ways possible. If you and your family need help, we’re here to answer the call. You can reach us or contact us online.

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