Pakpour Banks LLP provides legal services to individuals involved in modifying their current orders.

Unlike a criminal trial, or most civil matters, the orders of a family court judge may often, are often, and sometimes should often, be modified.

For example, if the court issues child custody orders that no longer reflect the best interests of the children, parties have the right to request that the court modify the order.

If the court issues visitation orders, but one party has not been living up to them, the other party may request that the court order a new visitation arrangement that takes this into account.

If the court issues child support orders, but the parties adopt a new timeshare agreement, or one of the parties loses a job, parties have a right to ask the court to reconsider the support order in light of the changed circumstances.

If the court issues spousal support orders, but the party receiving support gets a new job or a significant raise at his or her old job, the paying spouse has a right to request that the court modify what he or she has been ordered to pay.

These are just examples. A family law attorney can assist you with understanding whether the circumstances in your case warrant a request to modify child custody, visitation, child support, or spousal support orders. The important thing to understand is that when the judge issues an order, that is not necessarily the end of the matter.