Vice President in Charge of Comfort, Ball Chasing, and Begging for Treats

Rocky Balboa Pakpour entered this world in 2017, a member of a litter of Golden Retriever pups born at the Full Belly Ranch in Brooks, Calif. Since then he has spent his days both at home with the Pakpour Family, as well as the offices of Pakpour Banks LLP, improving the lives of all those he encounters.

Rocky’s favorite things are chasing balls, going for long walks, visiting the dog park, and finding unmonitored office trash cans for leftovers from staff lunches.

Best of all, he is quiet comfort to those who visit Pakpour Banks LLP. Like his name sake, Rocky is a fighter. But making others happy is always his primary goal.

While Rocky cannot imagine anyone who doesn’t enjoy his company, his attorneys know that not everyone is a “dog person.” For this reason, he asks that you let the staff know before your appointment if you are not comfortable with his presence and arrangements can be made to accommodate your needs.