Sacramento Family Lawyer

Going to court to protect your family is no simple task, and the stakes can be pretty high. So, having a strong Sacramento family lawyer by your side when you need to litigate or negotiate a family matter can be crucial for the well-being of everyone involved. At Pakpour Banks LLP, our experienced family law attorneys can tackle any legal challenge your family might be facing. We take on our clients’ cases with skill, compassion, and assertiveness. If you need a good advocate to handle your family law issue, you can call us today to schedule a consultation

We Can Cover All of Your Family-Related Legal Needs

A family law issue can impact every aspect of your life and should be handled with the utmost care. Family law cases can also require a detailed understanding of multiple subjects. Immediately speaking to a knowledgeable Sacramento family attorney from Pakpour Banks LLP about your legal needs can help ensure that all your legal needs are properly addressed. At our firm, we represent clients in the following types of cases: 

  • Divorce,
  • Child custody, 
  • Spousal support,
  • Domestic violence restraining orders,
  • Mediation,
  • Establishing or disputing parentage,
  • Visitation,
  • Modifying family law orders,
  • Dissolving same-sex marriages or domestic partnerships,
  • Collaborative divorce,
  • Grandparent visitation,
  • Child support, and
  • Property division.

We can guide you through every turn of your family law case and protect your interests at every step.

Filing for Divorce

Ending your marriage under state law requires an understanding of the state’s jurisdiction rules. You can start a divorce in California only if you or your spouse has lived in the state for at least six months. And you or your spouse has to have lived in a county for at least three months to file in its court. Once you have the correct jurisdiction, you must have your spouse personally served with your divorce petition and summons.

A divorce, separation, or dissolution is often heavy emotional labor. Splitting from your spouse can also mean combing through financial documents, medical reports, school records, and witness statements for the best evidence. This is because divorce decrees typically must include the following:

  • Child custody and parenting time orders,
  • Spousal support orders,
  • Property division orders, and
  • Child support orders.

Typically, the quality of your evidence and your ability to obtain detailed information from your spouse dictates how favorable a divorce court judge’s order will be for you. Pakpour Banks LLP knows how to get to the key evidence in your case and present it in the best fashion to get the relief that you deserve. 

Property Division

Usually, California divorce courts divide community property equally between spouses and let each spouse keep the whole of their separate property. A 50/50 split seems simple enough, but calculating property values and determining what property is part of the community estate and what is separate is not always an easy task. 

Community property includes the assets you and your spouse obtained and the debts you and your spouse amassed during the marriage. And separate property includes the following:

  • Assets acquired before marriage and after separation,
  • Debts incurred before marriage and after separation,
  • Gifts, 
  • Inheritance, and
  • Property purchased during the marriage with separate assets. 

You might have to sift through various financial statements to figure out what is subject to division in your divorce. If your spouse is hiding income or property or you have commingled assets, you might need the help of a forensic accountant to straighten out your financial situation. We have the experience and the resources to help make sure that every penny is accounted for and properly distributed in your case. 

Spousal Support 

A spouse might be entitled to spousal support, also called alimony. The duration and amount of support payments will depend on the specific facts of your case. 


Establishing or disproving a parental relationship between you and an ex’s child or between your child and an ex is a vital step in determining legal rights or obligations that could last for the rest of your life. Receiving a court order regarding parentage affects whether you or your ex receives child support, has custody rights, or has visitation rights. We can help you initiate a parentage claim and pursue any benefits that flow from the outcome of that claim.

Child Custody

Whether it comes up in a divorce or the end of a relationship, receiving a child custody order for a child you share with your ex is a fact-intensive process. The court makes decisions on each parent’s visitation and custody rights based on what is in the child’s best interest. When determining what is in a child’s best interest, the court considers: 

  • Whether there is a history of abuse involving any party;
  • The nature and amount of contact the parties have had with the child;
  • Whether any party has a history of substance abuse; and
  • The health, welfare, and safety of the child.

To argue for your custody and visitation rights in court, you might have to provide medical records, education records, police reports, and testimony. We can deal with these sensitive subjects and fight for the best for you and your children. 

Child Support

Whether or not you are the parent who has custody of your child for the majority of the time, you may receive child support from the other parent until your child turns 18 or 19. Your right to child support might last longer than 19 years if the child has special needs or you made an agreement with the other parent. Our attorneys can seek the amount of child support your child deserves and help you enforce your rights. And if you have been ordered to pay child support, our family attorneys in Sacramento can make sure that the order and the amount of support are appropriate in light of your circumstances. 

Protective Orders

Unfortunately, some individuals seeking to end their relationship or enforce their rights as parents have suffered abuse at the hands of their exes. If you or your child has survived abuse, we can act quickly to obtain a protective order that prevents your ex from coming near you or harassing you. 

Modifying Family Law Orders

As you already know, family dynamics can change multiple times, even after a divorce or split. If there is a significant change in your circumstances, your ex’s circumstances, or your child’s circumstances, you may be able to request a change in the terms of a divorce decree, child support order, or custody order. Consulting a Sacramento family lawyer from Pakpour Banks LLP can ensure that this request is timely made and effective.

Your Family Is Our Priority

Pakpour Banks LLP can provide you with a family lawyer in Sacramento when you need an experienced attorney who is skilled in and passionate about protecting families. We are award-winning attorneys who prioritize good communication with our clients and vigorous championing of their rights. If you need a family lawyer to advocate for you, you can contact us online or call us to schedule an appointment.